What Your Brew Says About The Beanie You Need for December


If you’re a coffee lover, and I trust that you are, you know the real-life true validity of the statement I’m about to make: your brew says a lot about you. Your technique mirrors your life style because your coffee isn’t just your favorite beverage—it’s an expressive art form. So, when it comes to major wardrobe decisions, such as a new staple beanie for the chilly December temperatures in the city, shouldn’t you consult your caffeinated companion? Follow our guide to let your brew method lead you to the perfect merchandise, and sip on in your very own style.

Pour Over – Kate Spade Bow Beanie

You love using your 1940s Chemex to make a classic pour over of your favorite blend because you know some things just don’t go out of style—things like little black dresses, pearls, bows, and coffee, of course. This simple and sweet bow beanie by Kate Spade is just right for your old glamour and faithful reliance on simple favorites. Just like your every-morning-without-fail pour over, this sweet bow beanie will never leave you alone out in the cold.

French Press – Burberry Fur Pom Pom Beanie

Your french press lets you steep your coffee a little longer to add that little kick of extra caffeine and vision of Paris. Burberry’s fur pom pom beanie brings the same little something something extra in the form of creamy neutrals, a color contrast, and a little fluffy fun. This knit will fit on your head as smoothly as you can sip your silky brew!

Aeropress – Kyi Kyi Genuine Fox Pom Pom Beanie

Your Aeropress is new, fun, and funky. Whether you’re going traditional or inverted, it’s ready in mere seconds. Nothing wows the crowd quite like your espresso strength morning brew—that is, nothing did before you got this beanie by Kyi Kyi. With a dash of one of this season’s hottest colors, your beanie is sure to add a splash to the crowded New York streets, bringing a new vibrancy to the morning, just like the brew of your choice.

Cold brew – Eugenia Felix Cat Ears Wool Knit Beanie

Okay, so you’re drinking cold brew in 40 degree weather, and quite frankly, you’ll admit it: you’re a bit of an anomaly. You’re doing something different, and you love it, and you want a beanie that goes against the grain just as much as your coffee grind. With your flavored cold brew in hand and Eugenia Felix’s Cat Ears Wool Knit Beanie snug on your head, you’ll be one in a million out in Central Park.

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