A Coffee Guide for the Festive


It’s finally December and your schedule is as full of engagements as your cup was with coffee this morning. While this is a busy time of the year, don’t let it drain you. Follow our guide for the festive and pair your holiday festivities with a coffee drink. Here’s what coffee to drink while enjoying five of the holiday’s most popular traditions.

Holiday Parties – Dublin Iced Coffee

You’re busy dancing the night away with your plus one and you’ll need to sip on something a little cooler as the room gets toasty. While you mix and mingle with guests, mix a little something into your iced coffee and treat yourself to a Dublin Iced Coffee from the bar. The perfect combination of cold brew and whiskey, there’s nothing better to fill your glass!

To make it yourself, you’ll need 2 oz. of your favorite iced coffee, 2 oz. of stout beer, 1 & 1/2 oz. of Irish whiskey, 3/4 oz. of simple syrup, 1/2 oz. of heavy cream, and some cinnamon. Mix your coffee, stout beer, whiskey, and simple syrup into an ice-filled glass and stir. Pour in the cream and sprinkle cinnamon on top for the ultimate garnish.

Holiday Shopping – Vanilla Latte

You’re taking on the chaos of 5th avenue for the boots you’ve had your eye on and a new tie for your beau, and the lines are out the door. Grab a classic vanilla latte from your favorite coffee shop on the way. A little extra sweetener will give you the boost you need to sort through the stacks of gift sets in Sephora and every shiny jewelry display along the way.

Trip to the Christmas Tree Farm – Black Coffee

This is a big decision and you’ll need your favorite dark roast to keep you alert for the winning Christmas tree! Drink your coffee black and stay focused. You’ll know you’ve found the perfect evergreen when the smell begins to compliment even your coffee.

Decorating the Tree & Watching Holiday Movies – Cappuccino

For such a classic tradition, you need a classic drink. A cappuccino is perfect to sip on while you’re decorating the tree and watching Home Alone this season. Flavor with cinnamon for the ultimate festive treat.

Ice Skating in Central Park – Shot of Espresso

Whether you’re a pro or this season is your debut on the ice, a shot of espresso will help you be bold on your skates. Take a quick espresso break in between dashes on the ice. Nothing beats the rush you get from a good ‘ol shot of espresso.

No matter what this season brings, there’s always a coffee to pair it with. Add some new coffee traditions to the list this year.

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