Wake Up Your Hair With IGK Dry Shampoo


Just as you need coffee to wake you up in the morning, your hair needs a little something to make it feel alive as well. Dry shampoo is to hair like coffee is to our brains—the pick-me-up it needs to make it through the day. Introducing the Flight Club collection by IGK, the newest collection of quality dry shampoos featuring a variety of different dry shampoos powered by different levels of cleansing powder.

While dry shampoo has become a popular product over the years, it’s often marketed as a one for all product. Often times, this deters people from trying it because everyone has different hair—blonde, brunette, red, curly, straight, thick, thin—everyone has different scalps—normal, oily, sensitive—and everyone has different schedules—work-from-home, desk job, traveler-on-the-go. Some people think they don’t have the right hair for dry shampoo, but it’s not that they don’t have the right hair, it’s that they don’t have the right product.

If there was only black coffee—no flavors, no espresso shots, no foam, no assortment of coffee drinks—the coffee lovers of the world would not be as vocal about their love for the drink. With IGK dry shampoo you don’t have to worry about having the “wrong” type of hair for dry shampoo because there’s a dry shampoo for all hair types. Learn how to wardrobe your dry shampoo based on your scalp type and hair situation with #IGKflightclub.

Jet Lag

This invisible dry shampoo has a lightweight cleanse with just 1% active cleansing powders. Jet Lag is perfect if you have a sensitive scalp and fine hair. So, forget the days when you thought you couldn’t use dry shampoo because your hair is thin and your scalp is delicate. This dry shampoo will blend into your hair effortlessly and won’t leave behind a residue. If your hair is freshly washed or you’re 1-2 days post-blowout, this is the best pick for you. No matter how many time zones you cross, with all of the volume and texture Jet Lag gives you, you won’t look the least bit jetlagged.

Direct Flight

This multitasking dry shampoo has a medium cleanse with 3% active cleansing powders. Crafted for normal scalps and medium (thickness wise) hair, this dry shampoo will give your hair the refreshed look it needs 1-3 days post-blowout. Direct Flight is best used when sprayed in hair pre-slumber. Overnight, the oils will be absorbed and you will wake up feeling as refreshed as you do after that 8-hour redeye flight you conveniently slept through.

First Class

This charcoal detox dry shampoo has a heavy cleanse with 7% active cleaning powders. Fit for oily scalps and thick hair, this dry shampoo can tackle even the wildest dos. First Class is perfect for hair up to 2-5 days post-blowout. It’s also the best pick for your post-workout hair routine. Just as your flight seat of choice, you need the best of the best for your hair.

Gone are the days when you didn’t know why you loved or hated your dry shampoo. We are each different, have different needs, and different scalp types. IGK hair products work with how you live. No matter your scalp type or your current hair situation, IGK has got you covered with these three carefully crafted dry shampoos that each give a different cleanse and feel. Fall in love with your dry shampoo and the Flight Club Collection by IGK and pick up your bottle at your local Sephora today.

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