Coffee Shop Spotlight: Voyager Espresso Is Out Of This World


Whether you’ve got dreamy thoughts to mull over, astronomy homework due at midnight, or you’ve been feeling a little spaced and need a pick-me-up, Voyager Espresso should be your next stop. Located at 110 William Street in New York City, this café is out of this world. If you love sleek, modern atmospheres, the delicious pairing of a Denmark roast with Nutella toast, and experiences that you didn’t think were possible on earth, we have four words for you: three, two, one, blast-off.

The Coffee

Voyager Espresso invites you to pause your travel, wherever you may be headed, to enjoy a rotating menu of seasonally fresh crop coffees from the best roasters in the US and abroad. Embracing a love for science and art and integrating them to create something truly special, Voyager Espresso serves La Cabra coffees located in Aarhus, Denmark, as their shining star. Whether you’re in the mood for black—a double shot of espresso served straight up with hot water to make the perfect americano—or white—a double shot of espresso served with steamed milk, they’ve got you covered. Where there’s a will, Voyager Espresso will find a (milky) way!

The Extras

If you happen to get a little hungry on your journey, Voyager Espresso is stocked with a shuttle worth of tasty treats to choose from. If you’re in the mood for something savory, we suggest the Voyager BLT, served with rice paper “bacon,” avocado, lemon juice, arugula and cherry tomatoes! If you’re feeling something sweet, sip the breakfast smoothie made from the perfect blend of banana, spinach, cinnamon, chia, raw cacao, plant protein and macadamia milk.

The Landing

According to their website, you can land at Voyager Espresso by entering via John St. down the stairs to the subway, between William St. and Gold St. or you can enter through the lobby of 110 William, down the stairs to the subway to your right. The perfect escape from your work week, they’re open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If you can’t get enough of Voyager Espresso like us, you might just want to stay a while longer. Thankfully, the unique space is available to rent at evenings and weekends for small events, filming, photo shoots and so on, so don’t be shy if you happen to fall in love. Take a journey to Voyager Espresso today!

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