Upgrade Your Caffeine Fix With Nitro Coffee


Lovers of beer and coffee can rejoice because there is now a happy medium between the two available on the market: nitrogen coffee. While it’s not boozy, this “scientific” drink is infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles to produce a frothy top along with a smooth flavor that has coffee snobs singing their praises.

In 2013, food scientist Nate Armbrust played around with the idea of carbonating day-old coffee to make it more enjoyable. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out, as the chemical makeup of coffee isn’t as easy to work with as juice. Armbrust wasn’t deterred, however, as he decided to produce coffee the same way that beer is produced to achieve a creamier texture. He was strong-willed to improve the coffee-making process. Thus, nitro coffee was born.

This trend soon picked up popularity after debuting at Armbrust’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon. Now, the trend has spread to nationwide coffee shops, with major chains trying to add their own versions of it to their menus as well. Packaged versions of nitro coffee are even available in stores all over the world; you can enjoy a can or bottle of nitro coffee anywhere.

So, why the sudden craze? Nitro coffee has one of the best flavor profiles of all the new trends popping up in coffee shops. It supposedly tastes as if creamer and sugar have already been added to the coffee itself (this is a huge plus if you’re watching your sugar intake or tracking calories). Fans claim that nitrogen bubbles can enhance the flavor of any coffee, brewed hot or cold, roasted light or dark, just made or day-old. Food scientists are also trying to figure out why nitro coffee tastes so good. One popular theory floating around is that nitrogen slows down the degradation of coffee, preventing it from tasting sour or bitter.

Whatever the reason for the smooth and unbeatable taste, we’re not complaining. And whatever the case, nitro coffee should definitely be on your must-try list. Will you hop on the nitro coffee trend?

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