Uber to Your Favorite Coffee Shop By Making a Reservation


If you’re anything like me, Uber is life, especially when you’re in the city. While I do have a strong appreciation for public transportation, there’s a special place in my heart for a service that will get me to my destination stress-free and with complimentary snacks. I won’t get jostled or lost in the crowd (I blame my lack of height) nor will I run late due to sometimes unreliable bus/train schedules. Unfortunately, the luxury of avoiding crowded transportation comes with a price.

Thankfully, now there is a deal between Uber and Wine ‘N Dine that will make your much-needed caffeine runs a lot cheaper. You can earn $10 worth of Uber credit whenever you make a reservation through the Wine ‘N Dine app and check into the restaurant in New York City. The credit will be applied to your Uber account within 24 hours.

Free rides and good food at no extra cost? It may sound too good to be true, but don’t dismiss this deal! This is all part of Wine ‘N Dine’s goal to give users the best experience possible.

Wine ‘N Dine is an app where you can easily make reservations at your favorite restaurants without the hassle of phone calls. Setting up date night or dinner with friends is only a tap away. However, it’s not your typical reservation app.

In addition to the convenience, the app provides detailed positive reviews of participating restaurants along with their top-rated dishes. Negative reviews and those dreaded rants have no place on the app, thankfully, so it definitely provides a completely positive experience for users.

If you’re ever iffy about what to eat, just scroll through the bountiful photos of delicious food on the app; it’ll definitely work up an appetite! You can contribute with your own photos of favorite meals at the restaurants, essentially creating your own foodie account. Show off your food photography skills and let others see what’s worth ordering.

If you have a busy social life or just love trying out new restaurants, you’ll rack up a ton of Uber credit in no time, which means free trips to your favorite cafés. You can save some money while treating yourself to your favorite cold brew. Here’s a win-win situation that you can’t pass up!

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