Transform Your Kitchen With Gourmia’s 3-in-1 K-Cup Coffee Maker


Coffee-lovers can definitely agree that grabbing that daily cup of coffee, whether regular brew or latte, is a great pick-me-up. However, on the days where you’re stuck at home due to a snow day or sick day, sometimes it’s best to bring the café to your kitchen. Say what?

This is where Gourmia’s 3-in-1 K-Cup Coffee Maker comes in. The company has been killin’ it in the kitchen appliance game, and this revolutionary coffee maker is no different. Not only does it produce freshly brewed coffee, it also creates cappuccinos and lattes with only a push of the button! The best thing is that this coffee maker will fit right into your diet since you can use a variety of milk and their non-dairy counterparts.

Preparing Coffee

Before starting, make sure to fill the water reservoir to your desired amount, provided that it does not exceed the maximum line. Make sure not to use hot or warm water. Place your favorite K-cup into the designated funnel of the machine. Place your favorite mug on the cup shelf. To prepare a small cup of coffee, press the “coffee” button once. To prepare a large cup of coffee, press the “coffee” button twice.

Preparing a Cappuccino

Fill the milk reservoir with your choice of milk. Like the water reservoir, make sure not to fill it past the maximum line. For a fuller flavor, choose a dark blend or espresso K-cup and put it into the funnel. Place your favorite mug on the cup shelf. There is a Froth Control knob on the right that you can use to adjust the amount of froth in the cappuccino. Press the “cappuccino” button once for a small cappuccino and twice for a large.

Preparing a Latte

Follow the same steps for preparing a cappuccino. The only difference is that you use the “latte” button instead. It’s as easy as that!

As you can see, you don’t need one of those complicated coffee machines to get café-quality drinks. Gourmia’s 3-in-1 K-cup Coffee Maker is a great addition to any kitchen. It’s perfect for entertaining guests, or just treating yourself without leaving the comfort of your home. Buy it below.

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