Sey Coffee’s Exclusive ‘Elida Estate Green Tip Gesha’ Is A Must-Try


When it comes to coffee, taste and exclusivity are at the forefront for Sey Coffee, a shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn. In an article with Sprudge, Director of Coffee, Lance Schnorenberg, says, “We work with a handful of importers very closely, and try to select the highest-quality raw [beans] we can get our hands on.”

This is abundantly clear when we see their newest release, Elida Estate Green Tip Gesha, a coffee that is boasted to be the 2018 Best of Panama from a farm that consistently ranks in the top ten.

This farm, owned and managed by Finca Elida and Wilford Lamastus, is one of the highest plantations in Panama, blessed with rich volcanic soil and the surrounding Volcan national park. Because of these ideal conditions, the hand-picking, minimal processing, and no-herbicide growing, this creates the ideal environment for some of the best coffee in the world.

What makes the Green Tip Gesha so exclusive is the picking and processing. In an article about the coffee, we learn that the cherries are hand-picked and processed through ‘demucilaged-washed, honey, and natural methods.’ The washed coffee system produces zero-water discharge, which essentially means the coffee used for washing is later reused as fertilizer.

This process is not only naturally-based, but environmentally conscious, as all byproduct is recycled rather than wasted.

The cherries used to make this coffee are harvested for longer periods—creating a more developed flavor—due to the higher elevation and longer drying period. The coffee is then stored for a longer period before shipment in order to fully develop.

The end result: a rich, sweet cup profile of floral, tea, peach, and berry.

In Sey Coffee’s newsletter release, they share about the coffee and why the company is so honored to share it. “This coffee sold for a staggering $661/lb at the auction this year, which is the most expensive washed coffee in history,” Lance and Team Sey says, “We are unbelievably excited and humbled to have the chance to work with this extremely beautiful coffee and hope everyone gets a chance to taste and enjoy it.”

The price speaks for itself. This coffee is exclusive, and hands down, one of the most prized in Panama (not to mention all over the world). Now, it’s right here in Brooklyn.

“What makes this coffee so special for me is its completeness,” Schnorenberg says, “Not only is the quality of this coffee unmatched and the harvesting and processing practically perfect but all of this is accomplished within a forest reserve in harmony and symbiosis with the earth, which in turn gives it its amazing and unique terroir.”

(To learn more and keep up with Sey Coffee, check out their website right here and their Instagram page. To purchase this coffee, click here.)

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