Quaker Doubles Down on the Oat Milk Trend (Sponsored)



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Hey coffee lovers, here’s something you don’t want to miss!  Quaker just released their latest product, a plant-based beverage that’s a beverage, creamer, and flavor-enhancer in one!

It’s no question that coffee (and tea) tastes better with a little cream. Whether you’re a half-and-half type of person, a splash of milk kind of guy or gal, or you prefer a special flavored creamer, adding that tiny bit of flavor can be a game-changer in your favorite drink.

But what if there was something that’s just as smooth, creamy, and tasty, but plant-based?

As an alternative, Quaker Oat Beverage offers a plant-based option that’s just as delicious—for any coffee and tea lover.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Flavors Does Quaker Oat Beverage Come In?

Oat Beverage comes in three delicious flavors: Original, Original Unsweetened, and Vanilla.

Although it’s lactose-free, it promises no compromise on texture or taste when compared to traditional milks, creamers, or other plant-based options.

How Can I Enjoy It?

You can have Oat Beverage on its own or added to coffee drinks (of course). It can also work well in smoothies or cereal, too.

Where Can I Find It?

Quaker Oat Beverage can be found in any refrigerated dairy aisle (in the alternative section) at retailers nationwide.

Whether your diet calls for dairy alternatives, or you’re just looking to try something new, Oat Beverage is an excellent option with the taste, creaminess, and quality to enjoy with any coffee, latte, or tea.

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