‘Pink but Punk,’ Alfred’s Tea Room Hits the East Coast with Punch


Every Thursday through Sunday, now through Dec. 23, the 7th Floor of Madison Avenue’s Barney’s flagship store will greet you with the warm iridescent pink hues, signature to Los Angeles’ Alfred’s Tea Room.

At last, the East Coast has been endowed the punky pink pop-up that’s been in the works since Summer, when Barney’s The Drop L.A. was slicing pizza pies ala FILA, raising shoppers to games of Prada Pachinko, and of course sipping down the Matcha in Blue as spectacle chez Alfred.


Today, a matter of steps from the beckoning racks of sale de Floor 7, Alfred cups line the barista counter. Each crowned, festooned, and napped with shots of matcha, complementing essences of lavender, mint, vanilla, and the deep tones of butterfly blossom – imparting a floral sweetness to every Matcha in Blue order.

“Super fun, super delicious, and SUPER festive” Joshua Zad, CEO and founder of Alfred Tea Room, tells me of the signature drink.

Playing with the tropes of caffeine, elevating our early morning boost to something far more luxurious, will this Alfred x Barney’s pas de deux continue? Or, will Alfred’s find a more permanent home beyond Madison and 60th?

Zad: “Stay tuned…”

While the compatibilities between Barney’s and Alfred’s segue seamlessly, tacitly merging coffee and clothes in their most literal form, New York’s warm welcome has sparked promise for a more permanent, East Coast tea room.

“A location here is definitely not out of the question!” Zad confirms.

The only thing left unanswered… Hot or iced?

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