Order Your Coffee With Facial Recognition


Apple and Amazon have slowly been taking over the world with their stores, apps, finger scanning, and facial recognition. Now, our coffee can be tech-savvy too. For all of those technology smarties and coffee connoisseurs out there, how you order your coffee will soon be transformed. Skip the talk with your barista by ordering and paying with facial recognition.

Head down under to Sydney, Australia to experience this upgraded form of coffee ordering. Coffee shop owner, Geoff Cropley, created the ultimate way to get your coffee order quicker so that you’ll be happier sooner. While standing in line at Bahista Café in Sydney, a tablet will scan your face and tell you what your most ordered coffee order is. You can then customize what your favorite coffee order is on the tablet so that your barista will always know what to make you once your face is scanned on to the screen.

Cropley was searching for a way to establish a better relationship with his regulars, and we could say that he has accomplished that goal. It took him two years of work with developers to install this facial recognition system and technology has finally found a way to make getting our morning coffee even less of a chore.

With a quick trip to the coffee shop and your favorite brew in hand, you will even be granted reward points once your order has been paid for. This high-tech facial recognition technology, called NoahFace, has transformed trips to the coffee shop to an even more modern experience.

Book your trip, pack your bags, head to Australia, and change your understanding of how coffee should be ordered. Facial recognition coffee ordering—what else is to come in 2018?

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