Meet Your New Best Friend: The Breville Barista Express


There’s a whole host of reasons why you may be opting to drink your morning double shot espresso at home. Whether you’ve had a falling out with your barista, a falling out with your alarm clock, or just want to sip the fall flavors from the comfort of your own fuzzy socks, this machine is for you. If you’re opting out of your favorite coffee shop, don’t be overwhelmed sorting through the options or feel tempted to downgrade your high-grade caffeinated sensibilities. There’s no justification for settling for less when it comes to the love of your favorite brew. Breville has produced an espresso maker with the precision to make the perfection you’ve become accustomed to. The Breville Barista Express is the one stop shop—or should we say home—espresso maker.

Trade in the hassle for a cup of heaven

If you’re used to coffee machines that seem shiny and nice in the store only to behave like a logistical nightmare as soon as you welcome them into your home, the wait for your perfect match is over. With the Breville Barista Express, you’ll move smoothly from bean to brew in the blink of an eye as your espresso is made from start to finish in under a minute. You’ll be in complete control of the built-in conical sintered-steel burr grinder, allowing you to always grind it your way between 15 settings from fine to coarse. Whether you’re making a single or a double, the razor-precise grind dosing will dispense just the right amount. You’ll be able to loosen up with the Breville’s airtight round coffee bean hopper, carefully keeping the freshness and aroma you’re crazy about.

The best of the best, and it’s all included

Prioritize your day in peace as Breville’s water filter prioritizes the best of nature for your macchiato, filtering out impurities for a noticeable difference. After you’ve adjusted the brew temperature to fit your blend, or maybe just your mood, a 15-bar Italian-made pressure pump will go to work ensuring full flavor extraction from your choice coffee. If your hopes and dreams involve a little cream, use the 360-degree swivel steam wand with a frothing nozzle to froth your 2% milk for lattes and cappuccinos! The traditional stainless-steel frothing pitcher, scoop, and cleaning kit are all included.

Could this be your new secret weapon?

If your day is going to be spent dodging bullets, make sure you’ve got the right shot of espresso gearing you up for the battlefield—from a chaotic office to a hectic shoe sale on 5th avenue, you’ve got a lot coming your way. Skip the coffee shop and use the Breville Barista Espresso to make sure you’ve got a lot going your way and from the comfort of your own home!

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