London To Be Powered by Coffee, Literally


It is no surprise to wake up and need a cup of coffee to jump-start the day, and now we are not alone. London is transforming the way that coffee gets the morning going. Used coffee grounds are going to be used as fuel to power the London bus system, so running on coffee is no longer an understatement for this city.

Mastermind Behind The Bus

Tech firm Bio-Bean will be collecting waste coffee grounds from factories and chain restaurants throughout London to have enough grounds for the bus initiative. The city is searching to improve air quality through transportation emission, and the great coco bean plans to help drive London for a whole year by 2020.  With the average person drinking about three cups of coffee throughout the day, it will not be hard to gather the grinds and keep London moving in a new way.

How It Works

Bio-Bean founder, Arthur Kay, has developed a way to revamp opportunities with our daily addiction. The old coffee grounds are processed to extract the coffee oil to blend into biofuel called B20. Once the B20 biofuel is further processed and mixed with part coffee oil, it is pumped into the buses to help power them.

The Route

145 busses are planned to be functioning on cleaner fluids from Putney Station to Putney Bridge. Additionally, at least 12 new bus stop zones will be added once the bus plans are topped with finishing touches. London is calling and so is a twist on your morning java. If you are abroad-bound or from the Big Ben City, coffee will make your mornings go round in more ways than one.

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