It Doesn’t Matter if it’s Black or White: But What is White Coffee?


Ever had some serious caffeine withdrawal after going half a day without coffee? Oh God, you think as you massage your pounding temples, I’m literally not functioning. Instead of downing more cups than you’d like, think quality over quantity. In the case of white coffee, the unique preparation of the beans results in a caffeinated drink high in antioxidants.

White coffee has become a popular health trend among coffee drinkers. Instead of roasting the coffee beans, this process involves baking the beans. It’s also important to note that it’s different from the popular white coffee in Malaysia that’s sweetened with condensed milk.

Roasting beans at a high temperature brings out the high acidity in coffee; higher acidity causes avid black coffee drinkers to go through withdrawal when they try to stop. However, by baking the beans at a significantly lower temperature, the amount of acidity decreases while the amount of chlorogenic acid increases. Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant linked to improved cognitive function. This process also produces about 50% more caffeine, depending on the bean.

If you’re thinking of grinding up some fresh white coffee beans at home, make sure to invest in a strong grinder. The beans are much harder and denser than the usual roasted bean. Other than that, white coffee can be enjoyed as any normal cup of coffee!

Different coffee shops do their own twist on the new trend by adding goodies such as cinnamon and ginger. It won’t be difficult to find your favorite flavor! So the next time you’re thinking of switching up your caffeine intake, give white coffee a try; your health will definitely thank you.

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