How to Pick the Perfect Wine Depending on Your Coffee Preferences


If you’re anything like me, choosing a good bottle of wine can be a daunting task. How will I know which one would taste good to me? Sure, friends might rave about a certain wine that might come off too fruity or bitter for you.

Luckily, if you know your favorite coffee order (which is so much easier), then you’ll be able to pick the best wine for your taste buds.


  1. If you like black coffee, then try cabernet sauvignon or chardonnay.

Since you have a fine palate for rich, deep flavors, cabernet sauvignon’s full-bodied and savory flavor profile will be a great fit. Chardonnay is also full-bodied but with a more oaky, buttery quality.


  1. If you prefer adding plenty of milk to your coffee, try pinot grigio for something sweeter.

Pinot grigio’s citrusy, honeyed notes are just as good as a smooth latte.


  1. If you like your coffee sweet, like a mocha or Frappuccino, go for Riesling or white zinfandel.

Both wines offer light, fruity flavors that would be perfect for summer.


  1. If you like dark roast, try something bold like merlot.

Dark roast tends to be strong and smoky, so you’ll like a wine with bold, deep flavors.


  1. If you prefer medium roast, take a sip of pinot noir.

Pinot noir’s complex blend of berry tones and bright flavors will match your standard.


In the end, it all depends on your taste buds, or, rather, the amount of them. People with around 2,000 taste buds prefer bolder, stronger flavors while more sensitive tasters, with around 8,000 taste buds, like mild, smoother profiles. Whatever the case, use this guide to get the best sips day or night.

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