How I Start My Day: Fiffany Luu


Welcome to How I Start My Day, a recurring column that spotlights the morning rituals of our favorite writers, editors, and tastemakers.We’ve partnered with Marc Jacobs to share the following the following morning routine:


Name: Fiffany Luu

Title: Creative Director

Age: 25

Instagram: @fiffanyluu 

My alarm is set for… 9am every morning

First thing I do when I wake up… check my phone

My breakfast consists of… leftover Chinese food

3 Words to describe your style…glam, sexy, fun

Best Marc Jacobs experience… shopping at The Marc Jacobs accessory store in Mercer

I take my coffee… iced

Advice for NYFW… wear comfortable shoes

I can’t start my day without… music

I always start my day with… ddd

Getting dressed is… the best part

My fall uniform… a hoodie and sneakers

My favorite morning workout… soulcycle

I can’t leave home without… my Marc Jacobs poutliner

My daily commute… is by train

First thing I do at the office… go straight to the snakcs


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