How I Start My Day: People’s Sharon Kanter


Welcome to How I Start My Day, a recurring column that spotlights the morning rituals of our favorite writers, editors, and tastemakers.

Sharon Kanter

Name: Sharon Kanter

Title: Deputy Style Director at People

Instagram: @sharonkanter

My alarm is set for… 6:10 a.m.

First thing I do when I wake up… Check my phone to find out the topic of the New York Times’s The Daily podcast.

My breakfast consists of… Two eggs over-medium and a half of an avocado.

My go-to coffee order… A small latte with almond milk, usually from Le District in Brookfield Place on my way into the office.

I always start my day with… A trip to the gym. It helps me reset every morning and kick off the day with energetic vibes.

Getting dressed is… Stress-free. I organize my outfit and pack my bag the night before so I don’t waste any time in the morning.

My favorite morning workout… A 30-minute interval run (followed by 10 minutes in the sauna if I plan my timing right!) and strength training 2x a week.

I can’t leave home without… A hug from my little baby boy, Brody.

My daily commute… Is about 45 minutes, and I use it to read or listen to a podcast. The E train takes me from Midtown to the World Trade Center, then I walk through The Oculus to my office at Brookfield Place (where I get my coffee). It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but walking through the iconic Oculus and the World Trade Center site every day, where people from around the world come to visit, gives me a great sense of gratitude and perspective.

First thing I do at the office… Open my to-do list on Evernote and start hacking away. I like to tackle the biggest challenge on my list first and get it off my plate!

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