Glamour In Modesty: 3 Muslim Fashion Bloggers Shattering Western Stereotypes


For those looking to mix personal style with religious values of modesty, or just looking for stylish pieces to incorporate into your coffee run outfits, the hype on Muslim fashion is growing as modesty goes mainstream. In the past year, the Islamic fashion industry has taken the world by storm as big name Western brands have taken note of Muslim fashion. Fashion retailers are launching “modest” clothing lines catering to Muslim women with a focus on the Muslim Middle East, specifically Dubai, as a luxury fashion capital.

Vogue launched Vogue Arabia, Nike created their first ever sports-hijab, and Dolce & Gabbana has released a line of hijabs and abayas. H&M has featured hijabi women in their ad campaigns, and Cover Girl named Muslim beauty blogger, Nura Afia, as their newest brand ambassador. Burberry, DKNY and Mango introduced their limited-edition “Ramadan” collections, coinciding with the Muslim holiday.

Through fabric layering, hijab styles, and color contrasts, modest fashion pieces provide great diversity and versatility for everyone, not just Muslim women. Muslim designer, Anniesa Hasibuan, became the first NYFW designer ever to feature hijabs in every outfit of her collection, proving the “peace and universal values that fashion can offer.”

Muslim fashion bloggers and designers have been at the forefront of the modest fashion industry, offering their takes on modest fashion. Whether sipping a cappuccino in a city cafe or grabbing cold brew on the go, learn how to integrate Islamic fashion into your looks from these Muslim fashion bloggers and designers.

Dina Tokio – 1.2 Million Instagram Followers

Dina Tokio is a modest fashion icon, known online as Torkia. Her fashion choices reflect her faith-based values of modest dressing. She has released her own lines, as well as worked with a number of brands like Harvey Nichols, Liberty, and Lancome. In an interview with Glamour UK, Dina said she believes companies becoming more inclusive of Muslim women is a great thing; however, clothing companies should adapt apparel they are known for to the needs of Muslim women, with longer necks and sleeves, rather than culturally appropriate clothing Muslim women already have. She believes the rise in Muslim fashion bloggers is positive, as “finally people are noticing us, recognizing our efforts and putting us in the right place in the fashion world.”

Ascia Al-Faraj – 2.1 Million Instagram Followers

Ascia al-Faraj is a staple in the Middle Eastern blogging community. She has teamed up with a number of premium brands, including Net-a-Porter, Ralph Lauren, and Tory Burch.

Hama Tajina – 40.4K Instagram Following

Hana Tajima is a Muslim fashion designer who has worked with Uniqlo, successfully launching a variety of modest garments. “Modesty varies from person to person – it’s not just about hijabs. It’s about finding looser silhouettes, more coverage, longer hems and sleeves,” she told The Huffington Post. The collection isn’t intended only for Muslim women or modest dressers, with a full range of 99 items for broad appeal. Hana explains, “The clothing is always for everybody. For me, personally, I like this idea that someone from a completely different background could see a piece in the collection and think, ‘I could really work that into what I want to wear.’”


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