Feminism, Flavor, and the Future of Coffee


Whether we’re highly caffeinated lovers of sugar, almond milk, pumps of vanilla, or creamy foam, we all know that when it comes to strong coffee, nothing pairs better than rich conversation. In an age where coffee breaks are quick and to-go cups are plentiful, our daily discussions over espresso may be taking a hit. Don’t let the fast track influence your coffee community: beautiful brews were meant to be shared! And while we all need some time to catch up with our girls about the latest dish in Vogue, The Coffeewoman has sent out open invitations to talk about the female experience within the coffee industry—and they’re waiting for your RSVP.


The Coffeewoman identifies as “an online platform, newsletter, and social media presence that promotes and features female coffee professionals.” In other words, these are highly caffeinated women with mad work ethic united under cups of coffee almost as strong as they are. Seeking to lift up ladies and lattes everywhere and knowing we’re stronger together, The Coffeewoman invites women—and their choice macchiato or cold brew, of course—to come together in person, or unite online, to support, encourage, and inspire female coffee professionals through The Coffeewoman Events. What they’re hoping will transpire over blends and brews is an honest conversation, flavored with diverse viewpoints, where every woman is welcome, to sip on topics of the potential of the industry, various competitions, and leadership in the business world. These are women who want to talk openly about the coffee grind over some finely ground product!


Why participate? With The Coffeewoman Events, you can finally order your coffee with a pump of your favorite fall flavor and a side of gender equality. According to, women are doing, on average, 70% of the field work globally to harvest coffee; however, when you move up in the industry, you can see that women are getting lost. When it comes to in-country trading, women only make up 10% of leadership roles. You can use The Coffeewoman online forum or events to spur on women working in the male-dominated industry toward bigger roles and better beans! We female coffee lovers can be supported, encouraged, and inspired by more than just our morning brews—we can be this and more for each other.


The first event hosted by The Coffeewoman took place earlier this year in Kansas City, MO. Since then, the caffeinated feminine energy could simply not be contained. In fact, The Coffeewoman went global earlier this month when the first European event was hosted in Amsterdam by Bocca Coffee Roasters. And where, might you ask, shall the next event sponsored by The Coffeewoman be held? Well… where do you live? If you want to begin an empowering coffee conversation at your favorite shop, The Coffeewoman wants you to host the next event. Simply contact these caffeinated ladies at for promotional assistance and help connecting with the larger coffee community. Soon, you’ll be on your way to a dialogue almost as powerful as your choice dark roast!

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