Fast Fall Drinks Coming In… Cold?


Okay, so you’re a cold brew lover, always in a hurry, and your identity is in serious crisis. With some cold brew systems taking up to 24 hours to brew a fresh pot from your favorite bean at home, cold brew just isn’t up to speed with the fast track you know you’re on the minute you slip on your Nike Airs or Jimmy Choo’s in the morning… or so you thought. You may have given up on imagining and inventing ways to speed up your coffee routine, leaving your favorite cold drinks behind for the quick wonder of a hot pour over, but Indiegogo didn’t.

Indiegogo is an online launchpad for entrepreneurial ideas, providing a platform for inventors and promising to help dreamers, including us cold brew lovers. They strive to “Dream it. Make it. Fund it. Ship it.” through their program that moves products swiftly from mere concepts to the market. Demonstrated by the countless caffeinated combinations at our favorite coffee shops, we all know that the coffee-obsessed is one creative crowd and a stylish one at that. Well, a brand new set of designers recently stepped into the spotlight with the Dash Rapid Cold Brew System, a new technology that is 288 times faster than its leading competitors, producing smooth cold brew ready to meet your parched a.m. lips in just five minutes.

From design to delivery



The Dash Rapid Cold Brew System is the world’s very first rapid cold brew system currently seeking a patent for its unique ColdBoil technology. The Dash functions to create infused flavors fast by replacing the necessary circulation of boiling water used in the speedy creation of hot coffee with a high-speed pump capable of the same quality of circulation, in the same time. The Dash is designed to keep your choice grounds from going anywhere as the pump circulates water rapidly, extracting the coffee oils we know and love to sip.

The Dash has been a work in progress since March of 2017, creating its first working prototypes in July, launching its Indiegogo funding campaign in August, and beginning production in September. The first shipment was successfully sent in October and this month product backers are eagerly awaiting their arrival of this dream machine. When all you have to do to end your cold brew withdrawal is add two cups of gourmet grounds to the central container and fill the carafe with refreshing icy water, this is the investment of a lifetime.

Why you should opt-in and feed your cold brew craving

When considering why we coffee lovers should opt-in for Dash, let’s remind ourselves why we started opting for cold brew in the first place! It seems like just yesterday we began our journey into the darker, cooler side of coffee; let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what we learn. First off, cold brew is simply better for you. The brew method produces a less acidic coffee that is far gentler on your stomach than what your favorite barista is serving you up steaming hot. Secondly, as sweet as he or she may be, nothing is sweeter than the smooth flavor of cold brew—rich in coffee oils that boiling water strips away. Not to mention, the average cold brew is ringing $3.50 up on your American Express, whereas the Dash can bring your luxury cold brew indulgences down to 35 cents. Don’t spend roughly $1,625 annually on cold brew when you could be sipping a sweet homemade choice of your own for the steal of $131 a year.

If you’re living in the empire state and you just haven’t made your mind up about whether you’re ready to invest in cold brew, there’s no rush. The Dash Rapid Cold Brew System will soon be available in stores in New York City!

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