D&G Launches Kitchenware For Filthy Rich Foodies


Dolce & Gabbana, a brand iconic for its couture and accessories, wowed attendees of the Salone del Mobile furniture design show in Milan earlier this month. Instead of their signature flamboyantly printed dresses, D&G unveiled a line of flamboyantly designed toasters, coffee machines, blenders, mixers, and other small appliances. The line was created with SMEG – a fellow Italian brand that specializes in high-end kitchenware – and is fittingly named “Sicily is my Love.”

This is not the first time the fashion powerhouse crossed over into the world of appliances with SMEG. Last year, D&G commissioned Sicilian artists to hand-paint 100 SMEG FAB28 refrigerators for the 2016 Salone del Mobile show.

D&G’s 2016 refrigerators featured themes from Italian marionette theater, such as the trinacria symbol, medieval knights, and battle scenes.

Last year’s fridges were undeniably beautiful in their one-of-a-kind designs, but the real jaw-dropper was the price tag: $34,140 USD per fridge, according to Vogue. Thus, we suspect the pieces from “Sicily is my Love” will be a little pricier than your grandma’s Frigidaire appliance set. Typical SMEG blenders without D&G detailing, for example, already cost around $250 a pop.

SMEG adheres to the same “Made In Italy” ethos proudly followed by Dolce & Gabbana, and each new appliance features classic Sicilian motifs, such as lemons, images of Mount Etna, and design detailing inspired by Sicilian carts. The smaller kitchenware items aren’t quite as elaborate as the hand-painted refrigerators, but are just as beautiful and no less frivolous.

Sicilian cart, image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

If you have car payments to make or aren’t, um, a British royal, one of these probably isn’t your next big appliance purchase. Let’s all hope for a traveling museum exhibit down the line – or for a wealthy eccentric to marry.

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