Coffee Colored Stationary Supplies To Help You Get Back in the Groove


Summer is sadly coming to a close. Sooner than we think we will be packing up our bags and leaving our beach cottages to come back to reality. As much as we want to keep playing hooky, we have to head back to our desks and put our noses to the grindstone. Going back to work doesn’t have to be entirely dreadful though. A new season can mean new and improved focus. Return to work with high spirits knowing that you’re going to turn your disorganized workplace into a chic, productive station with a good cup of coffee.

The environment you work in can have a large impact on your productivity and creativity. According to a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, “multiple visual stimuli” are in “neural competition” for your attention. While coffee can be your go-to for getting motivated and checking off tasks on your to do list, all the mess on your desk is fighting for your attention, leaving you with less brain capacity to focus on what really needs to get done.

A way to enjoy sitting at your desk can be to get yourself some décor that will increase your motivation level. Here are some items that will make your office space more clean, organized, and enjoyable. Plus they’re coffee colored to give you an extra boost!

Coffee Table Diary

For those of you who like your coffee black, this planner is for you. Coffee is the backbone of countless successful professionals, and so is a good planner. Grab this Coffee Table Diary from On Friday to keep you focused and high-spirited.


Pigma Pens

If your handwriting is anything like mine, you may think that you’re a lost cause for good penmanship, but a good writing instrument could improve your handwriting. Handwriting can differ depending on the type of pen you use, but even if your penmanship doesn’t drastically change, at least your desk will be visually pleasing! These Pigma Micron 005 pens are perfect to convey your personality, illustrations, and thoughts while matching your cappuccino. Who knew you only needed a good pen to transform your work and ambition?


Sudio Sweden Headphones

Nothing can get you more energized and in a steady work flow than a good playlist and a rich, full-bodied coffee blend. If you like a strong, dark brew then check out these Sudio Sweden headphones when you’re drinking your next Italian roast espresso.


Madewell Transport Tote

This transport tote will have you looking simple and classic while on the go. This tote is just dying to be filled with everything you need while sporting a flat white as your drink of choice.


Anthropologie Coffee Mugs

Of course, this monogrammed mug will not only hold your favorite companion (Coffee. Duh.), but will also add the perfect touch to your desk. Coming in a variety of colors, Anthropologie has the perfect, whimsical patterns that will make lifting up your favorite blend even more enjoyable as you focus on your work day ahead.

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