Celery: Commonly Seen as The Leftovers of a Bagatelle Crudité, Now it’s Center Plate


Celery juice is having a moment. More of a moment than kale’s 2014 stint. More so than this summer’s oversaturated infrared sauna Instagram-post. More than the fried chicken platters at Surf Lodge, any given July. It’d be more accurate to group this one in with a moment on par with Kate Moss’ 2011 Vuitton show closing – and with reason…

Its nutritional label sports high counts of Vitamin A, C, K, and the equally popular: B6, so there’s no shock that every influencer and their trainer has been sipping it down daily. While makeup experts juice it for the 95% water content, leaving skin hydrated and plump, hair-girls geek out over the Vitamin A stats. – texturizing, nourishing, and spiking the growth of their locks.

Social media has certainly heightened the relevance of the once over-looked vegetable, yet its nutrients and advantageous properties speak to the trend’s lasting power. Celery’s innately high sodium content stimulates the release of stomach acid, thus breaking down food at an increased rate and, in turn, lessening drinker’s stress levels, clearing up their skin, and improving their overall stomach health. Long gone are the days when celery’s greatest claim to fame was the leafy garnish to our mid-morning Bloody Marys.

Not shockingly, we find it hard to recall a time we’ve turned our back on an all-in-one, beautifying and cleansing de-bloater. Throw me a ‘Gwyneth-style, health bone’ and I’ll test it faster than you can order a slice of vanilla meringue at Cipriani Downtown. The start of the seasons has infiltrated our Instagram feeds with a trend holding greater staying power than the hashtag itself. Say goodbye to the chicken tenders out East, and order your celery juice in bulk; between our designer lattes and our night caps, you’ll find us gulping down celery juice in spades.


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