Celebrate Father’s Day With These Hot Dads On Coffee Runs


Who’s to say Father’s Day is solely about your biological dad? Here at Coffee ‘N Clothes, we’re celebrating with some of the sexiest coffee drinking celebrity daddies, from ’90s heartthrobs to former presidents. No matter your current level of caffeination, these famous fathers are sure to get your blood pumping faster than a second cup of cold brew.

Chris Hemsworth

Beanie baby daddy alert! Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth, is famous for his roles in action films like The Avengers and Star Trek. He’s also the smoldering father of twin boys, Tristan and Sasha, and daughter India Rose.

Matt Bomer

You don’t land a role in both Magic Mike films if you aren’t a regulation hottie! Matt Bomer, clearly a coffee drinker considering this empty Starbucks cup, is the father of three sons with his husband, Simon Halls.

John Legend

10-time Grammy Award winner John Legend isn’t just a hot daddy to this adorable Frenchie. He’s also the father of 1 year old Luna Simone Stephens with his increasingly ubiquitous wife, Chrissy Teigen.

Barack Obama

Unlike most past presidents, Barack Obama seems genuinely family-oriented, and like an engaged and caring father to his daughters, Malia and Sasha. It also needn’t be said that he’s the hottest president we’ve had since JFK.

Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez has been an ageless thirst trap ever since the days of his quasi-mullet as A.C. Slater on Saved By The Bell. Another iced coffee drinker on the list, he’s the father of a son and daughter, Dominic and Gia, with his wife Courtney Laine Mazza.

Will Smith

Small coffee, but always Big Willie Style! Will and Jada will forever be the ultimate power couple, although the torch of the “Willenium” has been unofficially passed to their super famous children, Willow and Jaden.

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel may be B-ish List, but this adorable shot of him with his cherubic son, Axl, has A++ written all over it. Josh and a certain flossy flossy star, Fergie, have been going strong since 2009. Clearly their Fergalicious parenting style is doing something right.

Lebron James

“Ballin’ bigger than LeBron” just took on a whole new caffeinated meaning with this paparazzi shot. The father of three – Bryce, Zhuri, and LeBron James Jr. – is an NBA zeitgeist at this point, and unsurprisingly, looks smoking in athleisure.

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