Best Ways to Accessorize Your Work Space


Your work space is crucial because it shows off glimpses of who you are. Having a poorly decorated and ill-functioning work space can give strangers who stroll by and take a peek at your desk a reason to keep on walking.  It’s not all about what others think either. Nobody wants to find themselves sitting at a desk cluttered with piles of paper and little desk accessories scattered about, creating a space that is ultimately uninspiring. While you’re busy at work, you shouldn’t be stressed over finding where you last put your planner through the chaos that is your disorganized and unwelcoming desk. It’s important to organize using a mixture of both functional and decorative pieces. Use the following ideas to strike a balance between organization and “accessorization” to turn your space into the chicest desk in the office.

Have Some Inspiration On Hand:

There will always come a time when we hit a dead end with our work. Writer’s block happens to the best of us, which is why it’s always a good idea to have some inspiration at arm’s length. Whether that means a stack of magazines old and new, books, or Pinterest boards, having some references to flip through when you’re stuck never hurts. Any good writer or artist knows it’s not only acceptable but encouraged to find inspiration from others to jumpstart your own creativity. Keep some inspiration next to your desk at all times and use it to spark some ideas of your own when you find that you’re in a rut.

Lighting Is Key:

Lighting makes all the difference. While natural light is best, it’s unattainable for those late work nights. Instead, find a lamp or light fixture that gives off just the right glow for your work environment. Make sure it’s bright, but not so bright that you get a headache – and also not so dim that you’ll want to doze off. Oftentimes, good lighting will keep you awake and ready to work, making it a necessity for any desk. If chosen carefully, a light fixture can be a multipurpose piece, acting as the perfect accessory for your desk by adding some extra color or sparkle.

Bring the Outside In:

Sometimes when we’re working, all we need is a breath of fresh air. That’s why it’s a great idea to bring nature indoors. Some cute potted plants or a vase of your favorite flowers will add much needed freshness and color to your desk. Plants can be the perfect touch to brighten up your work space, especially if you’re in a stuffy office.

A Place for Everything:

Probably the most important element when setting up your work space is having it be functional and easy on the eyes. This is where storage and organization are key. Try using boxes, jars or even a cart (a decorative option, of course!) next to your desk to help keep you in check. Having a few storage pieces for desk accessories and important files will keep you organized with a desk pleasant to look at and functional to use.


Personalization is the best part of setting up your desk. Magnetic and cork boards are perfect for this, allowing you to show off the things that make you happy and proud. Find a few pictures or quotes that will make you giddy every time you look at them and use them to personalize your space. Show off how cute your dog is or your fun family dynamic. When work takes over your schedule, these things will help distract you from the chaos and remind you to smile.

Aroma Therapy:

We all know work can be extremely stressful at times, making you want to go home and take a bubble bath to relax. Set the mood at your desk by bringing your favorite candles or incense to work with you. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, light your candle and let the aroma envelop you until you feel like you’re in a serene workplace. Try to stick with scents like lavender, vanilla or jasmine, which promote relaxation and calm your nerves in order to get work done.

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