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For Tohm Ifergan, Founder of Neon, coffee wasn’t always the end game. Ifergan began working in coffee shops simply to make money on the side. One day while cooking for a coffee shop in Chicago, the barista didn’t show up for a brunch service and Ifergan had to step in. This moment resulted in his passion for the craft of coffee. From running a specialty concept bar in Costa Mesa, CA for the majority of his career, he has now moved on to creating a vibrant coffee community like no other with his latest project Neon Coffee.

Neon started out as a coffee subscription service geared towards coffee enthusiasts. Ifergan wanted to bridge the gap between the everyday consumer and people who obsess over coffee. One way Neon continues to live by this value is by not only focusing on good coffee but also by specializing in educating. As a Neon subscriber, you’ll have access to training videos that will help you brew your coffee so you know you’re getting the best taste possible. The goal is to never have even the newest coffee drinker feel lost throughout the process.

Joining Neon’s specialty coffee subscription is only part of the fun. Once you step foot inside Neon itself, you’re immersed in a world of neon signs—naturally—and some brilliant drinks such as the Kalita Wave, Espresso Tonic and Vinegar Soda in addition to some must-haves like the matcha latte and mocha. Tohm strives to be an innovative asset in the growing coffee community, so at any given time, you can find between 8 and 15 different roasters at Neon. In addition to this, Tohm loves experimenting with different types of pairings. If you’re just dying for a little taste of what Neon has to offer, you’re in luck. Below, we’ll dive into what makes each drink uniquely neon.

Matcha Latte

Everybody loves a good ‘ol matcha latte. Some would say this one shines brighter than most—a little luminous, neon green tint if you will. This Matcha Latte is made with 3g of Mizuba Matcha and 1oz water. After agitated heavily, 1/2oz Simple Syrup is added. To complete the, 8oz of steamed milk is poured in to make the final product.

Kalita Wave (Talor & Jorgen- Tolima, Columbia)

The Kalita Wave is a signature pour over—shining to the brim thanks to the craft of this flavorful coffee method. Starting with the freshest of freshly ground coffee, the Kalita Wave is sure to brighten your palate  with every sip. If you’re looking to really taste what Neon has to offer, the Kalita Wave is your order.

Espresso Tonic (Coffee Collective-Alaka, Ethiopia)

Espresso tonics are becoming quite a popular drink in the coffee industry and for good reason. Neon pours a shot of espresso over 6.8oz Indian tonic/ice to give you your shot of espresso in the classiest way possible. Shots, anyone?


If you can’t shine bright in the morning without a little something special, you probably need a little mocha in your morning pick-me-up. For Neon’s Mocha, they take 2oz of ganache (50/50 58% Dark Belgium Chocolate/Coconut cream), 1 shot of espresso, and 6oz milk (steamed and poured). Once emulsified, you have perfection in a cup.

Vinegar Soda

If you need a little break from your espresso, Neon can accommodate accordingly with drinks like the Vinegar Soda. A simple 1oz of Tangerine Cardamom Shrub Syrup and 6oz Sparkling Mineral Water has never looked or tasted more refreshing than it does when Neon crafts it. Complete with a glass featuring the signature pink neon flamingo, you’ll be transported right to vacation mode. Drink at your own risk.

Latte (Little Wolf- Bella Vista, Columbia)

Alas, what’s a menu without a signature latte? If matcha and mocha are too distinct, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true. With a shot of espresso and 8oz of steamed milk, you can accomplish anything and Neon is there to help you every step of the way.

The best part of this drink breakdown? This is only a select few of the beaming brews you can choose from. Visit Neon at their Silverlake location: 3206 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026, open daily from 7am-7pm to get the full neon affect—some things are just better experienced personally—and don’t forget to share your photos with us on social media with the #coffeenclothes hashtag!

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