Add A Little Luxury To Your Morning Routine With Le Labo


There’s nothing more satisfying than a routine—especially a morning routine. Coffee is our favorite part of our morning routine, but do you ever feel like even five cups of coffee just won’t be enough to get your day started off right? Le Labo products will fill that uncertain void and add a bit of simplicity to your morning routine alongside your cup of joe.

Le Labo’s Mission

Le Labo’s mission is to make you feel good and they strive to do so with a wide range of products for the body, hair, and face. From shower oil and body scrub to shampoo and conditioner to face masks and lip balm, Le Labo has as much to offer as your favorite coffee shop. While their products are genderless, claimless, conceptless, and cruelty-free, Le Labo themselves admit their products don’t “wash better” or “cream better” than others on the market. The difference between Le Labo and other brands is the way they care about the product, the idea, and the customer. These products are made with the highest-quality plant-based ingredients to bring the utmost luxury to your life in the most simplistic way.

All About The Scents

There are four scents that consume Le Labo’s hair, face, and body line—hinoki, basil, mandarin, and the mystery of unscented. The warm and mesmerizing scent of hinoki fills the bottles of Le Labo shower gel, body lotion, body cream, hand soap, hand lotion, and hand pomade. The mixture of citrus and basil can be smelt in the shower gel and scrub shampoo. The freshness of mandarin adds a juicy scent to the shower gel and shower oil. The unscented, natural smelling products include the body scrub, face mask, camphor balm, and lip balm. Looks may not be everything, but smells sure are.

Introducing Men’s Grooming

While their body, hair, face collection is genderless, Le Labo additionally crafted a line specifically for men’s grooming. This line was created as a throwback to the golden days of Americana. Featuring a shaving cream, face lotion, face bronzer, after-shave, beard oil, and styling concrete, this line could not be any more complete. You’ll be brought back to the golden days with the smell of tobacco, hair tonic, and pomade that greeted visitors of barber shops back in the day. It’ll hit you like the smell of espresso the moment you walk into a coffee shop.

Why Le Labo?

Le Labo offers no promises other than making you feel good. With Le Labo, the only thing you’ll be stressing about tomorrow morning is how many cups of coffee you’ve had before 9 a.m. Make your mornings easier with Le Labo and check out the full range of products and product descriptions on the Le Labo website.

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