5 Fashion Editor “Hacks” to Survive NYFW


Consider re-watching The Devil Wears Prada for any additional hacks left unlisted.

New York Fashion Week can feel like racing in the Tour de France for fashion editors and reporters, although we question whether Lance Armstrong himself could keep up (even with steroidal enhancement). Backstage is crowded and hot; the pacing turns a New York minute into a millisecond; and the blur of opulent after parties can be draining for even the most social of socialites. Sore feet aside, it is without a doubt our favorite time of year.

We asked five editors from top fashion magazines to divulge their “hacks” (none of the electoral variety) for surviving the mayhem of NYFW. So take a deep breath, secure the straps on your most sensible heels, and carefully read these simple yet powerful suggestions – and for the love of Givenchy, take it easy at all the after party open bars!

Kristin Tice Studeman, Vogue:

Starting your day with an extra shot of espresso (or hot water with lemon, if that’s more your speed), wearing shoes you can spend all day in, and trying to stick to your workout routine as much as possible are all key during fashion week. But I think more than anything else, it’s important to remember why you are there. “Fashion week survival” is not a thing. It can easily feel like a grind because it can be seriously exhausting, but fashion is supposed to be inspiring and fun, so smile and take it all in like it’s your first fashion week even if it’s your millionth!

Maria Bobila, Fashionista:

I always try to get a gel manicure before the week starts because a regular manicure probably won’t last a full week of shows, writing and rummaging through my bag for a snack. Also, carry a lot of snacks!

Angela Koh, The New York Times:

Comfortable shoes – I usually end up wearing sneakers throughout NYFW since everyone shows all over the damn city now. Don’t over-party every single night. Don’t forget to eat. 

Hannah Weil McKinley, POPSUGAR:

I never go anywhere without my phone – but because technology is not always the most reliable, I always carry my paper invites with me and a good old fashioned date book. When batteries die or I’m in a total dead zone, these little things keep me sane.

Emilia Petrarca, W Magazine:

Over the past few seasons, I’ve learned to really pick my battles during fashion week, especially when it comes to after parties… I wish I could do and see everything, but believe it or not, it’s impossible to be in two places at once. The biggest hack though, as always, is taking the subway. No cabs, and definitely not Uber.

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