4 Ways To Caffeinate Your Christmas Morning With Stocking Stuffers


If all you really want from your Santa Baby is a hot cup of coffee on Christmas morning, you’re in good company. Instead of dreaming of Christmas white, us coffee lovers are dreaming of Christmas dark. Here are some perfect items you can slip into their stocking to give the morning that extra kick it needs.

Step 1: Throw In A Bag Of Their Favorite Beans

While we’re all about thinking outside the box, you don’t always need to think outside the bean. Sometimes their favorite really just is the best gift you can give! Not only will their stocking be all stocked up for the new year, but the sweet smell of caffeine is sure to liven up any living room.

Step 2: Add A Coffee Spoon Clip

This sweet little gold spoon does so much more than measure out the perfect dose of fine grounds; it keeps the rest of the beans fresh as the day they were packaged by doubling as the clip you’re always looking for! Throw out those clothespins that never stayed on and fasten your favorite roast with this must-have accessory for coffee lovers.

3. Don’t Forget The Sugar!

Nothing pairs better with coffee than the taste of chocolate. This Christmas, fill up those stockings with chocolate coffee truffles that are sure to caffeinate your holiday spirit.

4. Add To Their Excessive Mug Collection

Whether they love copper, pure glass, or painted porcelain espresso glasses, there’s nothing they would rather uncover as they empty out their Christmas stocking. Wrap a few little cups in tissue paper and slide them in for a shot of joy in the morning!

Making Christmas bright—and caffeinated—has never been easier with these coffee stocking stuffers.

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