3 Ways To Bring Coffee To Your Thanksgiving Table


When it comes to being thankful, we coffee lovers don’t have to think long or hard when we’re sipping into the season with a caramel cup of brewed gratitude in our hand! Between the dark early mornings, the slow leafy afternoons, and the late chilly nights of fall, we’ve been relying on our coffee so heavily. So much so, some of us may be considering sending our barista a thank-you-note. If you want to give thanks for poured over perfection this November, don’t let the pumpkin override your turkey feast as the only relevant flavor. Here’s how you can bring a caffeinated contribution to your Thanksgiving table.

Caffeinate The Classics

While there may be more slight and subtle ways to sneak coffee into your Thanksgiving meal, why put your favorite espresso flavoring on the back burner? Let coffee take the lead role in your holiday extravaganza with a delicious coffee glaze on your staple turkey entree. Nothing off-sets the savory taste of a smoked turkey like a sweet and simple coffee glaze to glamorize your family gala. Grill your bird with french roast ground coffee and a little splash of apple cider vinegar to take your dinner soaring to new heights!

Adding coffee is as easy as pie

We know the staple Thanksgiving pies—pumpkin, apple, and chocolate—and we know the relatives who have been making them their entire lives. How are you supposed to compete with decades of pie perfection? Trade in your hand grinder for a mixer and bring a new dessert tradition to your table with a Mocha Pecan Pie with Coffee whipped cream from Epicurious. With two teaspoons of espresso powder added to the pecan filling and three tablespoons of coffee liqueur added to the whipped cream, your caffeinated favorite will show a brand new sweet side with every slice.

Bring The Coffee

While there is a multitude of creative coffee craftings for Thanksgiving, there’s no shame in simply bringing coffee for your friends and family—in fact, a hot cup of acidic coffee may be just what they need to pair with the fatty foods that dominate the Thanksgiving table. We suggest making a stronger brew if pairing with rich foods so the flavor of your favorite bean is not lost in the midst of all the turkey and sweet potatoes!

Bring your go-to 10 cup Chemex to keep your company caffeinated and content throughout the evening, or make cups individually to pair with the desired dessert. For pumpkin pie, we suggest a medium roast to compliment the mild taste. If you’re biting into a slice of chocolate pie, we suggest dark roast to balance out the extra sugar your grandmother sprinkled on top! For apple pie, we suggest breaking out a more exotic, unique, or fruity bean.

With these caffeinated options, you have the freedom to dress your coffee up or down for this Thanksgiving holiday—all that matters is that a few cups make it onto the table.

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