3 Easy, Environmentally Conscious Ways To Brew Coffee At Home With Bodum


Coffee shops are great—there’s the aesthetic of a cozy space, the comfort of other people surrounding you, and, of course, the no-hassle coffee made just the way you like it. However, despite the perks, heading to a coffee shop every morning can get a bit pricey. Plus, when you’re in a rush to get there and on your way, you’re (more often than not) opting for the drive thru, which means you miss out on the slow, peaceful aromas and vibes as both you and your coffee get ready for the day.

That’s why finding ways to brew coffee in the comfort of your home is key to starting your morning right. Today we sat down with Peter Bodum, grandson of the founder of Bodum, to talk about the three easiest ways to brew at home (even if you’re a novice). Depending on your roots, coffee preferences, ease of use, price, and time, Bodum offers these three, amongst others, easy to use & environmentally conscious product lines to meet your in-home coffee brewing needs.

1. The French Press

A tried-and-true method for making coffee, the French press steeps coffee grounds in a hot beaker—a process called immersion—rather than the water simply flowing through and out. This allows for a more uniform taste and extraction.

The press has three main parts: lid, plunger, and filter. Unlike the traditional filter, the French press’ metal filter does allow some fine particles and oils into the brew, but this gives the coffee a far richer taste than other methods.

According to Peter Bodum, this is perhaps the easiest method for the novice coffee drinker, especially because there are two types of presses available: the traditional French press and the travel press (an easy single-serve solution for when you’re on the go).

2. The Pour-Over

The pour-over method is another great way to brew coffee at home. In fact, some people argue that this is perhaps the easiest method. (We’ll leave that for you to decide.) The pour-over essentially pours water up and through coffee grounds to extract more flavors. Because the process is slow and even, it creates a thicker, richer aroma.

Rather than wasteful (and soggy) paper filters, the Bodum Pour-Over has a built-in stainless steel filter. This comes with a fine mesh filter, too, that allows for all flavor and oil to seep through into your brew.

3. The Siphon (Vaccuum)

Perhaps the most advanced, yet highly favored method among coffee enthusiasts is the siphon brewing method. Or, in Bodum’s case, the PEBO/ePEBO (formerly SANTOS).

Founder Peter Bodum said that currently the ePEBO (the electric version of the siphon brewing method) is his favorite, “[We] just relaunched two models of my grandfather’s original products from the 50’s,” he said, “[They’re] simple and easy to use.”

The siphon method uses two distinct chambers for a combination of vacuum and water vapor pressure to create coffee. Essentially, heating in the lower chamber pushes vapor up and into the top chamber where it brews the grounds. Then the grounds move up, down through the filter, and back into the lower chamber to finish the brewing process. The result is completely natural, balanced brewing.

So Why Coffee At Home?

Though the quickness of a coffee shop run can be tempting, in a time when everything is so fast-paced, it’s nice to slow down. For serious coffee drinkers, there’s value in having time to wake up, get ready, and embrace the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee all around you—it’s intentional space to enjoy rather than rush to the next thing.

Peter Bodum speaks to this in terms of his company’s sustainability, “All our products are designed and produced with a sustainable approach,” he says, “Our coffee makers are environmentally conscious as they don’t create any waste for the user, [and] no part needs to be recycled after brew. [Plus, we oversee the entire process] and can make sure products are what we say they are from beginning to end.”

In terms of being both sustainable and environmentally conscious, Bodum says that’s one of his biggest company values. “A lot today is about ‘push of a button’ and we can all take advantage of this convenience. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to take things a little slower and make time for some slow coffee.”

“For us,” he says, “it’s make taste, not waste.”

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