10 Times Britney Spears Proved Frappuccinos Are The Perfect Accessory For Every Mood


It’s no secret than in addition to being the undisputed Princess of Pop, Britney Spears is also the unofficial brand ambassador of a little Seattle-based coffee outfit we like to call Starbucks. Britney has expertly marketed the chain’s trademark Frappuccino, in particular, as the ultimate accessory for a coffee drinker’s every mood, having been photographed with the caffeinated slushies countless times over the course of her 2-decade career.

Whether in the most elated or “Toxic” of moods, Britney has proven there’s nothing like a Frappuccino to wear with your facial expression – and, of course, whipped cream is always encouraged for added embellishment.

Pleasantly Surprised:

 Highly Unamused:

Celebratory and Indulgent:

Fucking Furious:

Poised and Professional:

In Need of a Helping Hand:

Reflective and Introspective:

A Little Weighed Down By Obligations:

Just Trying to Lay Low:

And Finally: Triumphant, radiant and basking in Glory, because it’s Britney, bitch!


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