Weekend Brunch Got So Much More Fun with Boozy Cold Brew

Will Owen

Photo courtesy of DRAFT magazine

Draft lattes already disrupted the coffee sphere, but now a new arrival has shaken up coffee fanatics’ very notion of the world: a new hard cold brew coffee delivers a double threat of caffeine and an alcohol by volume percentage (ABV) a little higher than beer.

Shortly following news of wine-infused coffee from California, Midwestern brand Bad Larry’s Cold Brew Coffee will find its way on store shelves in May, starting in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Each 11.5-ounce Cold Hard Coffee can contains locally-sourced cold brew (with 180 milligrams of caffeine) that is infused with nitrogen before being canned. The added malt liquor brings the drink to another level, or 6% alcohol exactly.

According to Daily Coffee News, the coffee isn’t carbonated or nitrogenized, despite its packaging with liquid nitrogen. It’s supposedly similar to a classic cold brew in flavor and feel that’s slightly sweetened with syrup, and has an aroma of brandy.

Hopefully this pick-me-up will further expand across the nation, because weekend brunches can never be too much fun.



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