Unicorn Lattes: Magical or No?


Algae, medjool dates, spirangula, oh my!  Most of us wouldn’t think to associate these ingredients with our favorite morning beverages. That is, until getting our hands on the highly sought after “Unicorn Latte” currently being served up in Brooklyn.

These are just a few sources that yield the colorful powers of the hot curative elixirs that have been illuminating social media feeds up and down the New York region. The typical pastel and bright motifs of spring are hitting in a new fashion this season: one that’s not found in our closets, but in our coffee cups.

The End, Williamsburg’s newest hipster-headquarters, has summoned all vegan and organic fiends with their menu that literally incorporates the rainbow in their plant-powered bases and non-caffeinated brews.

Opening up shop just a few years ago, co-owner Madeleine Murphy’s goal was to allow her customers to channel their “inner children” with her mystical potions inspired by the beach culture she is enchanted by in Montauk. She compares the process of creating new restorative recipes as “playing mad scientist.”

Her vision for the hole-in-a-wall type bungalow where locals and visitors gather to experience the magic first hand stemmed off of her first business, the Montauk Juice Factory, which they now work in coordination with.

The atmosphere of the shop only adds to the soothing environment where there are markers, glitter, and poster boards available for use while guests await their orders. She says, “I wanted to do a twist on the juice shop model, bring the good vibes we felt there out west to Brooklyn, and infuse them into the coffee shop culture.”


Their main focus is not only high-integrity ingredients, which include homemade cold pressed juices from Montauk, mineral-rich blue-green algae, or detoxifying Bulgarian rose-petal water, but maintaining the variety of options they have available to those intimidated by their exotic menu.

For those who aren’t attracted by the big ‘V’ on package labels right off the bat, don’t be discouraged, they have options on the menu for everyone’s likings that won’t jeopardize the morning rituals you’re used to. For those of you open to some change, dip into the sweet and tangy sensations of the unicorn latte, or the wide variety of healing tonics they have on their menu- perhaps one of the lattes dusted with edible amethyst crystals, or flowers.

Accompany your drink of choice with some vegan “Dank Banana Bread,” which they get from their friends up the street, and you’ve officially crossed over to the bright side that is The End. One thing is certain: Regardless of what you get, your time there will leave you feeling touched by magic.


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