Turn Your Daily Habit into A Fun Experiment with These Used Coffee Ground Hacks


The best bean on Earth is better than you thought. It brings us to life in the morning, jumpstarts out afternoons, and comforts us in the evening. But there are serval other uses for coffee besides drinking it. Rather than tossing away your leftover cup of joe, save the coffee and its grounds to boost your beauty routine and blossom garden.

Prepare a lavish scrub

With cold weather right around the corner, dry, acne prone skin is bound to be following the winter winds closely. You might have a moisturizer at your fingertips to halt the dryness and a cup of hot coffee to keep you warm, but you have another product at your disposal. Your left-over coffee grounds, that probably wind up in the trash, make a perfect scrub. Exfoliate with them to reveal healthy, glowing skin as it fights against cellulite, inflammation, and more!

Breath sweetener

All out of gum? No more mints to the rescue? If you grind your own coffee then there’s no need to be nervous about bad breath. Sucking on a roasted coffee bean will leave you fresh. Talk about a magical bean.

Remove dark circles

Coffee can wake up your skin the same way it wakes you up in the morning. Stress, a poor sleep schedule, or whatever else is causing your skin to go against you – coffee is the answer. Coffee grounds can also reduce puffiness and tighten skin.

Freshen your flowers

Revive your garden this season with coffee grounds. This potent ground will allow your blooms to change color depending on the pH level of the soil. Hydrangeas, hibiscus, and tulips are just a few that will change for the better after being ‘fed’ coffee grounds.

Chocolate Beans

Covered espresso beans can be found at your local market, but everything is better homemade and free. Chocolate-covered coffee beans are the right kind of caffeine buzz to put a small jolt in the middle of your day.


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