The World’s Most Expensive Coffee is Coming to India


The third largest producer and exporter of coffee has just changed the coffee game. India is now in the production of the Civet coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world. The unusual coffee making process is why there’s a hefty price on this cup of joe. Civet Coffee is produced from the coffee beans that have been digested and collected from a particular cat-like animal, hence the name.

The Cup Heard ‘Round the World

For $68 United States dollars, you can have a cup of the Civet coffee, also known as Kopi Luwak by locals. The beans are actually gathered from animal feces. Having a special processing system has put people on edge, but the unique flavor is what’s making this brew popular. Civet coffee can be brewed like any other coffee, yet has more nutrients than other beans. Adding milk, sugar or cream is not suggested because it can cover up the taste. Absorb this coffee’s smooth blend and low acidic taste if you get the chance to try, and want to pay the bill.

Beans on Beans

Why is Civet Coffee so expensive? The coffee beans are actually seeds found in the pit of a cherry sized fruit on the coffee plant. The seeds are extracted from the fruits mold, cleansed, fermented, roasted, and ground. This long process is how baristas across the world start their coffee brewing process before giving us our delicious latte.

On the Map

Coorg Consolidation Commodities, a start-up company based in India, are the creators of this new trend. It’s currently only sold locally, so no need to worry yet coffee, connoisseurs. Low production levels and high certification costs is what’s keeping Coorg’s coffee unable to be exported… yet.


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