The Ultimate NYC Coffee Map

Sage Pierce

New York City has an overwhelming number of coffee houses and cafes, but ever wonder which are truly worth your visit? It may feel impossible to sift through the thousands of options to find your favorite, but Coffee ‘N Clothes is here to help with a handy map through four popular NYC neighborhoods. We’ve hunted the streets for the best hidden gems of the city, and are confident your taste buds will agree with our choices. Take a break from your everyday go-to cafe near your workplace or train stop, and try these new and up-and-coming spots!

Pushcart Coffee – Gramercy

The first stop on our tour is Pushcart Coffee, located a block off ritzy Gramercy Park. Pushcart Coffee advertises themselves as “A Platform For Entrepreneurs- A Gathering Place For The Community.” Pushcart Coffee celebrates community, and customers claim that they often have to be asked to leave at closing time because they are so comfortable.  In addition to a wide variety of pastries, Pushcart has created their own roasting technique, which separates their coffee from any other in the city.  If you can’t make it to Gramercy, order a bag online!

 362 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10010

 Abraco Coffee – East Village

The second stop on our coffee tour will be Abraco Espresso & Bakery in the East Village. Abraco is a hub for young adults who appreciate organic ingredients, upbeat music, friendly staff, and of course, coffee.  The shop opened in October 2007 and was inspired by Spanish and Italian bars, which contributes to the lively and unique environment of the coffee shop.  Abraco prides itself on being so popular that the shop often closes midday because they run out of coffee so fast. Get your fix of their signature Iced Latte before they sell out!

81 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003

Everyman Espresso – SoHo

Pop over to SoHo after your trip to Abraco in order to visit one of three Everyman Espresso locations.  Everyman claims they have created an innovative type design for their coffee shop, and customers would agree.  Most recently, Everyman Espresso brought and brewed coffee for Civil Rights Protestors at JFK Airport.  Everyman Espresso cares about New Yorkers and their customers and this can be shown through the overly friendly and welcoming staff.   Before you leave be sure to try out the Iced Mocha, which is a customer favorite. Be sure to also check out their other locations in Brooklyn and the East Village.

301 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Voyager Espresso – FiDi

Our last stop on our NYC coffee tour is Voyager Espresso, which has a unique, science lab-like appearance and an equally unique location: underground in a corridor leading to the Fulton subway station. Voyager Espresso “embrace a love for science and art and integrate them to create something truly special.”  The espresso shop has an impressive menu of breakfast foods and ‘specialty drinks’ in addition to coffee.  Try their simple black coffee and top off your visit with the ‘Voyager BLT,’ a customer favorite.

110 William St, New York, NY 10038


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