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Rich and symbolizing hope, an Aquamarine stone can enhance your life just how your cup of coffee boosts your day. In folklore, aquamarine has been believed to present the wearer with foresight, courage, and happiness. Now that we have reached the first trimester of the new year, this month, transform your life (and your wardrobe) with a bold new accent piece with an aquamarine gem, the birthstone of March.


Similar to all gemstones, aquamarine has a history of mystical powers attached to it. This stone, just like your favorite brew, is found to have countless positive effects on the wearer. Need to calm your nerves? Want to improve your overall well-being? Grab your favorite cup, pour your best batch, slip on something blue, and take on the world.


The name originates from the Latin word ‘seawater’, which compliments the beautiful blue color. Just like the sea, an aquamarine stone can bring calmness and tranquility. This gem is understood to reconcile enemies and make them friends, similar to how your morning cup of coffee can take away the inner Grinch within us all. Incorporate this stone color into your everyday life this month, from the almost colorless pale blue to a blue-green or teal and you’ll be the most stylish person in your office.

This wedding season, weather you are getting hitched or supporting a couple, add this precious emerald to your wedding details. Aquamarine is this most appropriate gift to give a bride following the wedding ceremony. This jewel can bring victory to battles and long disputes, as well as purity and love, making it the perfect remedy to a happy life for a new couple. For something old and something new, from flowers to accessories, you will be giving your bride the best ‘something blue.’

Add something new to your wardrobe and your life this March. What do you have to lose compared to what you can gain? This stone shields and protects, reminds us of love, and can carry us through times of change. Clean out your life and your closet this Spring Cleaning season. Grab your cup of joe and revamp your life. Let us know how you are staying stylishly caffeinated with the aquamarine stone of the month!


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