Steeped Coffee’s “Coffee Tea Bags” are a Game Changer

Christine Quach

Here at CNC, we’ve covered more than our fair share of innovative ways to drink coffee. From nitrogen to edible flowers, we’ve seen it all. What we haven’t seen yet, however, is Steeped Coffee’s game-changing product: “specialty coffee in a single-serve steeped bag.”

That’s right. Freshly ground coffee in a tea bag.

Originally started off of Kickstarter, the company rocketed to popularity after reaching their goal of $22,000. According to their Kickstarter page, Steeped Coffee prides itself on the unusual combination of “the quality and ethics of specialty coffee with the convenience of a single serving.”

Perfect for brewing coffee on the road or just a quick cup during the early morning rush, Steeped Coffee’s single serve packs feature a variety of blends that cater to every palate: Sunrise, California, Odyssey, Driftwood, and Eventide, which is decaf. Pop a bag into a hot mug of water, and within a few minutes, you have yourself a delicious cup of coffee.

So, how can a porous bag keep coffee so fresh, you ask? It’s all in Steeped Coffee’s unique way of packaging. According to their Ethos page, nitro-packaging locks it all in by “stopping the clock on freshness.” You won’t have to worry about stale coffee here.

Not only is the young company focused on ingenuity, they’re also setting their sights on projects that will benefit greater communities. Their bags are completely biodegradable. Their coffee beans are ethically sourced from independent farmers to support local economies. They’re also currently seeking a partnership with Charity Water. With each purchase of Steeped Coffee, someone in need will gain access to fresh, clean and safe water.

If you’re impressed like us, check out their coffee catalog here, subscription offers here, and minimalist-chic coffee gear here.


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