Pop & Bottle: Pure, Organic, Plant-Rich

Brianna Ciccotelli

Have you ever stopped to check the label of the coffee beverage you’re drinking? Do you know the ingredients of your favorite grab-and-go drink? We’re here to introduce to you a brand whose label you don’t have to be afraid of—Pop & Bottle. If you’ve never heard of this up and coming brand, they sell organic and plant-rich almond lattes. These one-of-a-kind beverages are full of the highest quality, organic ingredients, free of dairy, and filled with five times the amount of almonds compared to other brands. We caught up with Blair Fletcher from Pop & Bottle to learn all about the brand and their superfood lattes. Here’s everything you need to know about Pop & Bottle.

How and when did Pop & Bottle get started? Tell us the story of Pop & Bottle!

Jash and I met in London years ago where we became great friends. We both ended up relocating to the Bay Area in 2013 and were absolutely blown away by the food culture on the West Coast, especially compared to the UK which had not yet gone through its own wellness revolution. We learned a lot about the benefits of plant-based food and began to incorporate it into our own diets as much as possible. Almond milk is a staple of any plant-rich diet, and we were shocked to discover that everything on the grocery store shelf was riddled with emulsifiers and thickeners, loaded up with sugar, and contained almost no almonds. We started Pop & Bottle in 2015 to change the status quo: to provide our customers (and ourselves!) with plant-rich drinks that are genuinely healthful, delicious and convenient.

How would you describe Pop & Bottle to the average customer? 

Superfood lattes, powered by plants. 

The RTD coffee trend is booming. How is Pop & Bottle different from the rest of the competition? 

Our almond lattes are not only plant-rich but also supercharged with the highest quality superfood ingredients—like Maca root, Cacao, and Turmeric. Additionally, we use organic dates to sweeten instead of any added, processed or artificial sugar. 

What are the benefits of drinking almond milk? 

There are oh so many! The plant-based industry is exploding as people come to understand the benefits of plants over dairy. From a wellness perspective, plants are heart healthy (with no cholesterol or saturated fat), and high in fiber, antioxidants, and micronutrients. There is also a heavy and widespread use of hormones and antibiotics on animals which are transferred to the animal products we eat. Additionally, there are very compelling environmental and animal-welfare reasons to choose plant over dairy. 

What makes Pop & Bottle unique? How does Pop & Bottle differentiate from other almond milk brands or other kinds of milk for that matter? 

Our drinks are made with very simple ingredients and contain absolutely no nasties. Thickening and emulsifying agents, such as carrageenan, gellan gum, locust bean gum, sunflower lecithin, etc., are really common in dairy alt and the wider beverage category. We also don’t use any added or processed sugar, only organic dates. 

What flavors do you sell? What is your best-selling flavor? 

Here is our almond latte lineup: Cold Brew Coffee, Matcha Green Tea, Mocha, Golden, Cacao and Vanilla Bean. Cold Brew and Matcha are currently the best-sellers. 

Where can customers buy your products? 

On our website and at grocery stores and cafes throughout California, New York, Oregon, Washington, DC, and Texas. Best to check out our store locator on the website to find the closest store to you.

Does Pop & Bottle have plans to expand their range? Anything exciting in the works? 

We just launched the Matcha, Golden and Mocha lattes – so it’s been a lot of fun to get these out there and see how much people are loving them. 

For our coffee lovers, what is your go-to coffee order? 

If Pop & Bottle’s not available, I’ll go for a drip with almond milk but only if it’s house-made. Otherwise, it’s a straight-up americano. Jash’s favorite is an iced matcha. 

We love the idea behind Pop & Bottle and love how Blair and Jash are changing the organic latte game. Be sure to check out Pop & Bottle and find the location nearest to you, or shop their selection of lattes online.


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