One Salon Where You Can Find A Little French Press And A Lot Of Nail Polish


If you are a coffee lover—and we know you are—then you know better than anyone that the only thing just as important as your morning espresso is the hand that holds it. Don’t feel forced to hide your nails in your cashmere mittens this winter season. If your nails need a little TLC this season, Chillhouse in New York City is waiting for you. A “downtown escape for city dwellers seeking a modern path to total relaxation with style, character, and ease,” Chillhouse on 149 Essex Street is the perfect mix of nail salon and coffee shop. They’re ready and willing to give you an extra pamper and pump of vanilla into your latte as they polish up the hands that will hold it.

All About The Polish

Whether you’re looking for a quick color change or a total reno for your cuticles, Chillhouse has the option you’re looking for—and it’s listed under an adorable name you’ll absolutely love requesting. If your nails are chipped or you realized the bright pink you chose last week isn’t fitting this weeks mood, pop into Chillhouse for a “Fresh Polish” to get re-upped and re-done to look your best.

When your schedule is filled with events from business lunches during the week to Saturday date nights, “The Full Rodeo” has you covered with nail-shaping, cuticle care, lotion application, and the polish of your choice, of course. And, if it’s time to treat yourself to a little something extra, upgrade to “The Full Monty” for an additional 5-minute hand massage to loosen that tension. Followed by a homemade scrub to exfoliate away any worries and finished with a hot towel wipe to leave you feeling clean and refreshed, The Full Monty will have your hands looking their best for your latte.

All About The Press

When your nails dry, trade in the brush for your favorite brew and order a Chillhouse coffee staple. If you’ve chosen a glossy red, sweet pink, or french manicure, sip on an espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, or simple drip to compliment your nails with something classic. If you’ve decided to take an edgier route with a bold blue, a vibrant green, or a detailed design, complete the look with a matcha latte, a Get Me Golden turmeric latte or a nitro cold brew. And if you’ve already had your desired coffee intake for the day, clear your mind, body, and soul with a calming cup of assorted tea.

Taking It To The Next Level

If you simply can’t get enough Chillhouse, you just might be ready to make a long-term commitment by becoming a Chillhouse member! Along with a 50-minute massage every month and one service of your choosing, you’ll receive 10% of your polish and 10% of your press with this incredible alliance. The only thing left to ask yourself is, “What color do I choose?”


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