Canines and Caffeine – New York Is Getting a Puppy Café


New York City is getting a Puppy Café. This is not a drill. I repeat: this is not a drill. Dog lovers and caffeine addicts will have another reason to celebrate by the end of this year. The very first dog café in the city will give the locals and their four legged friends a new place to eat, stretch their paws, and take photos for the ‘gram. The concrete jungle is not always a pet friendly place between work and a decent social life, it can be difficult to be a pet owner. This BYOD (bring your own dog) coffeeshop will be a pet owners salvation for it was made to hangout with your dog, or someone else’s dog, and have a good time.

Boris & Horton will open up a “dog friendly café,” down in the lovely East Village off of East 12th and Avenue A. Not only can you bring your favorite furry friend, but you and your friends can enjoy wine, food, and of course snacks for your pups. Honestly what more could you need than good friends, good food, good drinks, AND dogs? The correct answer: nothing. Boris & Horton is the perfect escape for the city’s cat-centric mindset.

Similar to other animal friendly coffee shops the dogs will have a designated area, and their humans can roam the café freely. If you are concerned about health code violations the doggie room will be in a separate area than your food. If you’re worried about going through separation anxiety from your best friend, because we all are, there will be a see-through glass wall where you can see all the pups enjoying their café time. You can enjoy sipping on your cup of joe while watching all the dogs play or put your drink down and go play with all the pets.

If you don’t have a canine companion you are still welcomed to enjoy all of the coffee shop amenities. If you’re searching for a new bestie Boris & Horton is teaming up with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue to bring in dogs that need forever homes. As if your heart wasn’t melting already. Just looking for a quick coffee shop to run in and grab a quick drink or food? Staff members will happily watch your pets. The goal of this café is to increase socialization in the community, it’s a way for people to interact with dogs and each other. Make new friends, met new dogs, and even take photographic proof! There will be a photo booth on the premises (what!!) so everyone can go home with a full stomach and a keepsake of their time.

Looking forward to this coffee shop-wine-bar hybrid opening up? This puppy café will open its doors in December. Run, don’t walk, your dog’s there. You can relax once you’re inside.


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