Black is The New Black: A Dark Latte to Refill Your Soul


If the unicorn trend has made you cringe this dark latte will make your heart grow 3 more sizes. The black ash ice cream color finally has a lover. Goth lattes will have your black, cold, dead soul filled, your sweet tooth running for the hills, and your day kickstarted in a new way. This latte is here to take names and break hearts around the world. Especially those who hold Wednesday Adams close to them. Filled with activated charcoal this treat is dark, healthy, and made for Instagram.

This is not activated charcoals first appearance in the food industry this summer, but it is definitely our favorite. This extra ingredient gives this latte its dark coloring and an extra punch which would kick your old latte order in the butt. Similar to goth ice cream, the charcoal in the mix helps detoxify your body as well as provide purifying properties. Charcoal can cure hangovers, whiten teeth, reduce cholesterol levels, alleviate bloating and more. Of course too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, so only one activated charcoal latte a day will keep your doctor away.

Do not go rushing to the Starbucks line just yet. This caffeinated delight is not available yet in the United States, it is gaining popularity on Instagram feeds around the globe such as the UK, Australia and Japan. Black coffee is a classic that will never disappear, but this new trend will spark creativity in coffee shops everywhere. Soon this goth latte will force the unicorn trend to gallop away.

Ask your local coffee shop if these blacker than your soul lattes will soon be showing up on their menu. So far you can enjoy the look of this daredevil drink from pictures of those who have been brave enough to try it.


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