Become a Coffee Expert with This New Book

Christine Quach

If you’re anything like me, the act of brewing a perfect cup of coffee at home remains an elusive mystery. There are too many factors that go into a decent brew, much less a perfect one. Sure, flipping a switch on a Keurig is nice and easy, but there is something to be said about the satisfaction of brewing by hand. This is where Grounded comes in.

Written as a straightforward, helpful manual for those who struggle to master anything beyond the basic one-switch coffee maker, Grounded is divided into seven brewing techniques: French Press, Mizudashi, Aeropress, Clever, Chemex, V60, and Wave. Purchasing high-quality coffee beans is one thing, but proper execution is another. Grounded allows consumers to fully enjoy the experience of making delicious coffee in the comfort of their own home.

With such a wide variety of recipes for each method, the guide serves as a gateway to home brewing for the coffee connoisseur just starting off. The easy layout and design of the book makes the process much more approachable and enjoyable.

In an interview with Roast Magazine, co-authors Gregory Alford and Steven Eggert said they hope to educate and inspire home brewers to create specialty coffees by hand at home. They compiled a collection of easy-to-follow recipes as well as questionnaires for users to jot down any additional notes to personalize techniques. Whether iced or hot, dark or light, there is a recipe for everyone in the slim volume.

Currently, Grounded is available in various coffee houses in Illinois, Lousiana, New York, Ohio, and Texas. Perfect as a gift to yourself or the coffee-lover in your life, you can also order it online.


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