5 Whimsically Chic Rings to Make Your Hands Look as Good as Your Latte

Christine Quach

The staple of every perfect coffee photo is, of course, the coffee. But, what most Instagramming coffee connoisseurs don’t realize is that smaller, complementary players must accent the star of the show. We’re talking about your hands—more specifically, the jewelry on your fingers.

Rings are the perfect accessories to up your coffee selfie game. They’re small enough to draw some interest in the photo but not so flashy that people are going to completely ignore the stylish latte in your hands. The next time you’re putting together the ultimate coffee shot, consider these choices.

Stacked & Sophisticated


This ring will appeal to fans of minimalism with a subtle center stone surrounded by delicate gold lines. This chic black diamond will match your richest brew!

Slithering To Infinity

Cast aside those basic infinity rings and opt for the edgy ouroboros. This ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail represents infinite renewal. Aside from the cool meaning, it’ll instantly toughen up your coffee photo.

Linked In Time

Adorn your finger with a classy band made up of interlocking links. Subtle diamonds give every other loop an eye-catching sparkle. Pair it with dark nail polish and an even darker mug to make it pop.

The Ultimate Statement

Sometimes it’s best to dress up the simplest cup of coffee with a daring ring. With such an intense accessory, keep things simple in the photo: rich black coffee, classic mug, and plain tabletop.

Layered in Gems

This will definitely be one of the most versatile pieces you’ll have in your collection! Mix and match the five rings to create different yet striking looks each time. No matter the combination, these will bring a new element to your Instagram feed.

No matter what kind of vibe you’re trying to pull off, these rings will add the perfect finishing touch to your coffee photos.


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