5 Cult Classics That Will Keep You More Awake Than Coffee


With the new trend of #selfcare there is no shame in staying in on a Friday night enjoying a facemask and a good movie. What beats curling up on the couch with friends and watching a good ole cult classic.  That’s right, a cult classic. What the heck is that? Keep reading to see why you should curl up and become a cult classic fan.

First, what exactly makes a movie a cult classic? This is a film that once had an active communal following. Similar to how you have that one place, on that one block, where you get that one brew that just brightens your day every day. We know you know the one. That kind of active following. These films often times have a deep-seated theme or critique about society, but they depict their narrative in a variety of ways. They are simple and artistic, like you’re favorite latte art. Or so bad they are good, sorry black coffee drinkers, but that is aimed at you. Films like these resonate with people in a deep way.

How does a film become a classic? Cult classics films have to be good and have a modest marketing team. It’s all about the message and audience not the profit. Specific and a large audience. Like that venti you’re craving. These audiences aren’t just your normal movie goers, they are devoted to film they love.  Check out our favorites and how they relate to some of our best brews.

The Thing (1982)

In Antarctica a crew finds out that their neighboring camp has been destroyed and found dead bodies. What killed them is nowhere to be found, or so they thought. Get ready for a thrilling night with claustrophobia, paranoia, loneliness, and some of the most incredibly frightening practical effects in film history all bought to you by the 80s classic The Thing.

The Blob (1958)

A mysterious creature from another planet, resembling a giant blob with no soul or vertebrae lands on earth by crashing from a meteor. The blob attaches itself to people to suck all the life out of its host. A local high school boy sees it all happening, but no one believes his tall tale until city blocks are being consumed. Gooey greatness.

Invasion of the body snatchers (1956)

Aliens are actually taking over this small town, and only one person knows about it. What will become of this quant town as unsympathetic aliens take over this town?

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Young couple. Peculiar new neighbors. Mysterious pregnancy. See why Rosemary’s baby is worth stopping your life for. This dark comic about childbirth touched a nerve with late-’60s audiences feeling uneasy about traditional norms.

Children of the Corn (1984)

One day the children of a small town rose up and slaughtered all the grown-ups. Meanwhile, a young doctor and his girlfriend travel through the cornfield-lined roads of Nebraska on their way to start working at a new job. However, this young couple has a bump in the road, they have to report a murder. The couple seeks the nearest town for help but uncover a cult. They are trapped with little chance of getting out alive.


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